N. 28, Spring 2016




Table of Contents


Special issue on:


Mobile learning and Special Education



by Enrico Gandolfi, Richard E. Ferdig, Peña Bedesem, Cheng-Chang Lu

pp. 3 - 7, download



Ilaria Mariani and Davide Spallazzo

Empowering Games. Meaning Making by Designing and Playing Location Based Mobile Games, pp.  12 - 33,




Lindsey Balderaz and Kara Rosenblatt

Preparing Special Educators to use Mobile Technology: A Review of the Literature, pp. 34 - 48,



Constance Beecher and Jay Buzhardt  

Mobile technology to increase parent engagement, pp. 49 - 68,



Kara Dawson, Pavlo Antonenko, Shilpa Sahay, Linda Lombardino

How mobile app developers conceive of dyslexia and what it means for mobile app users, pp. 69 - 84,




Christopher J. Rivera, Iffat Jabeen, Lee L. Mason

The Effects of a Computer-Based Video Intervention to Teach Literacy Skills to a Student with a Moderate Intellectual Disability, pp. 85  - 102,




Focus Section on 'Emotions and Personality in Personalized Systems'



Preface to the Focus Section

by Marco de Gemmis, Nadja De Carolis, Andrej Košir, Marko Tkalcic

pp. 105 - 109, download



Masahiro Sato, Hidetaka Izumo, Takashi Sonoda

Model of Personal Discount Sensitivity in Recommender Systems, pp. 110 - 123,




Rachel C. D. Reis, Carla L. Rodriguez, Geiser C. Challco, Kamila T. Lyra, Leonardo B. Marques, Patricia A. Jaques, Ig I. Bittencourt, Seiji Isotani

Step Towards a Model to Bridge the Gap between Personality Traits and Collaborative Learning Roles, pp. 124 - 144, 




Marc Busch, Elke Mattheiss, Wolfgang Hochleitner, Christina Hochleitner, Michael Lankes, Peter Fröhlich, Rita Orji and Manfred Tscheligi

Using Player Type Models for Personalized Game Design – An Empirical Investigation, pp. 145 - 163,




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