N.31, Winter 2016




Table of Contents


Special issue on:


Smart Learning Ecosystems and Regional Development




by Alke Martens, Radu Vasiu, Annika Wolff

pp. 3 - 4 , download



Carlo Giovannella

Participatory bottom-up self-evaluation of schools’ smartness: an Italian case study, pp. 9 - 18,




Diego Galego, Carlo Giovannella, Oscar Mealha

An investigation of actors’ differences in the perception of learning ecosystems’ smartness: the case of University of Aveiro., pp. 19 - 31,




Óscar Mealha

Citizen-driven dashboards in smart ecosystems: a framework, pp. 32 - 42,




Silviu Vert, Radu Vasiu

Data Profiling in a Mobile Touristic Augmented Reality Application for Smart Environments based on Linked Open Data, pp. 43 - 58,




Razvan Bogdan

Guidelines for developing educational environments in the automotive industry, pp. 59 - 73,




Airina Volungevicienè, Margarita Teresevicienè, Estela Daukšienè

The Use of Information Communication Technologies for Staff Continuous Professional Development in Organizations. The case study, pp. 74 - 85,




Roxana Moldovan, Bogdan Orza, Danut Mihon, Cosmin Porumb, Serban Meza

External Resource Annotation Framework and its applications in E-learning, pp. 86 - 97,




Fabian Lorig, Lukas Reuter, Jan-Felix Zolitschka, Ingo J. Timm, Christoph Emmerling, Thomas Udelhoven

An Agent-based Approach for Simulating Transformation Processes of Socio-ecological Systems as Serious Game, pp. 98 - 114,



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