N. 36, Spring 2018





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Special issue on:

Aging with ICTs in the 21st century





by Sergio Sayago, Josep Blat, Margarida Romero, Kim Sawchuk

pp. 5 - 10, download



Anette Bengs, Susanne Hägglund, Annika Wiklund-Engblom

Applying Experience Design to Facilitate Wellbeing and Social Inclusion of Older Adults, pp. 11 - 30,  abstractdownload




Laura Boffi
Balancing sensors and seniors: introducing sensors sensitivity, human sensors and future-self goals, pp. 31 - 42,  abstractdownload




Naemi Luckner, Fares Kayali, Peter Purgathofer

Game mechanics to further engagement with physical activity, pp. 43 - 57, abstractdownload




Klaudia Carcani, Christina Mörtberg
Enhancing engagement and participation of seniors in society with the use of social media - the case of a reflective participatory design method story, pp. 58 - 74,  abstractdownload




Maude Gauthier and Myriam Durocher
A food blog created by and for elders: a political gesture informed by the normative injunctions to eat and age well, pp. 75 - 92,  abstractdownload




Regular papers


Amir Shakibamanesh, Mahshid Ghorbanian
The Effects of Spatial Configuration and Physical Structure on Pedestrians' Perception of Subjective Duration; Using Virtual Reality, pp. 95 - 117,  abstractdownload




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