N. 39, Winter 2018/19





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Focus section on:

Smart Learning Ecosystems - technologies, places, and human-centered design




by Hendrik Knoche and Elvira Popescu

pp. 5 - 6, download



Alaa SA Alkhafaji, Sanaz Fallahkhair, Mihaela Cocea

Design recommendations for designing smart and ubiquitous learning environments to be used at outdoor cultural heritage, pp. 7 - 43,  abstractdownload




Bianca Clavio Christensen, Brian Bemman, Hendrik Knoche, Rikke Gade

Pass or Fail? Prediction of Students’ Exam Outcomes from Self-reported Measures and Study Activities, pp.  44 - 60 , abstractdownload




Eka Jeladze, Kai Pata

The model of self-organization in digitally enhanced schools, pp. 61 - 77, abstractdownload




Antonia Lina Krummheuer, Matthias Rehm, Maja K.L. Lund, Karen N. Nielsen

The chance for sociability - An institutional corridor as a place for learning for adolescents with brain injury, pp. 78 - 95,  abstractdownload




Emmanuel Lopez-NeriJavier Alonso Gomez-DavilaMiriam Carlos-Mancilla

CiudadelaSim Urban Modeling Framework and Human-Centered Design (HCD) Learning based Approaches: A pedestrian mobility case study in Monterrey, Mexico, pp. 96 - 113,  abstractdownload




Terje Väljataga, Kadri Mettis

Turning zoos into smart learning ecosystems, pp. 114 - 133,  abstractdownload




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