A novel educational model based on “knowing how to do” paradigm implemented in an academic makerspace

Marina Carulli, Monica Bordegoni, Stefano Maffei, Massimo Bianchini, Patrizia Bolzan

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The design discipline is faced with radical changes related to new technologies and to an increasingly globalized world with more and more competitive markets. These factors are profoundly influencing methods and processes of design, and the knowledge and skills related to the designer’s role. Consequently, the design educational models are radically changing. Today, one of the most impacting evolutions is related to rapid prototyping techniques, which are bringing design practice closer to the auto-production. This emerging trend cannot be anymore supported with traditional didactic approaches, but it is necessary to create spaces for allowing students to learn, design and experiment in a shared way. This paper presents the Polifactory Lab at Politecnico di Milano, an innovative makerspace established with the aim of creating a new research and teaching space. In this paper, the authors present the Polifactory Lab, its theoretical purposes, and some examples of didactic activities carried out in the lab.


Keywords: Innovation in education, Design Educational Models, Makerspace, Rapid Prototyping


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