STEAMing the Ships for the Great Voyage: Design and Evaluation of a Technology integrated Maker Game

Ju-Ling Shih, Shu-Hsien Huang, Chang-Hsi Lin, Chia-Chun Tseng

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This study presents an interdisciplinary learning model that puts students in a historical context, in which they have to apply their knowledge of history, geography, math, physics, mechanics and natural sciences to achieve the goal of the game. In the learning scenario, students’ critical thinking, creative thinking, computational thinking, and problem-solving abilities, as well as cooperative and competitive gaming strategies are used and enhanced. From the research results, it is evident that the “Maker Game for Great Voyage” has succeeded in the instructional design of technology-integrated game-based learning with STEAM and maker, and with the rich historical context of the Age of Discovery. Also, from pre-test and post-test evaluations and questionnaires, this research looks into students’ learning effectiveness; and through qualitative research methods, students’ group cooperative styles and competitive gaming strategies are analyzed in terms of students’ personality traits. 


Keywords: Interdisciplinary learning, STEAM, Maker, Game-based Learning, Great Voyage, personality traits.


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