Move into the open space – what can we expect from moving artistic interventions to open urban spaces?

Marta Wróblewska and Justyna Borucka

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The paper discuses the role of incorporating creative engagement into the processes of urban and social development using cultural means of action and expression and the potential of artistic interventions in public space. The block of initiatives within the People’s Smart Sculpture EU project, realized by Gdansk City Gallery, has been named “Move Into The Open Space”. This paper will provide the examples selected from the array of the implemented practices, as well as try to elaborate on the ideas behind the project, among them the types of participation. It will do so by presenting the different perspectives of the viewer, maker and initiator, as well as utilized media, the temporalities of the projects and actions, together with the long-term effects on the city and its users.


Keywords: art; public art; public space; space (Architecture), city landscape; city planning; art in public space; public participation; art galleries.


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