Bridging approaches: Classroom Physical Space as a learning ecosystem

Lara Sardinha, Ana Margarida Pisco Almeida, Neuza Pedro

pp. 56 - 74, download





The classroom physical space enfolds several dimensions, beyond the learning one, as the social, cultural, architectural and technological. The current digitally classrooms scenario, calls for the need to rethink these spaces. Despite the already existence of some new classroom spaces, we argue that there might be lacking an innovative interior design strategy encompassing and fulfilling the classroom physical space dimensions. This paper aims to: 1) discuss the classroom physical space as a learning ecosystem and to argue the emergency of building the bridges between different approaches on this topic; 2) to understand how the Future Classroom Learning Labs (FCLL) were created and how they are currently being used by different actors, based on some results of an European web survey which was applied. The survey results show that the physical space of the FCLL is perceived as positive, although its potential could be better exploited, namely using an innovative interior design strategy. 


Keywords: classroom physical space, smart learning ecosystems, classroom orchestration, enabling spaces, human-building interaction, smart classroom, spatial semiotics, spatial pedagogy


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