Adding UX in the Service Design Loop: The Case of Crisis Management Services

Karim Touloum, Djilali Idoughi, Ahmed Seffah

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Focus on user experience (UX) has been a growing trend in service design (SD), as it has various benefits. As it will be demonstrated in this paper, developing an efficient, yet usable crisis management service requires a deep understanding of the experience of all stakeholders involved in the crisis. While many SD studies have proposed different principles, practices and tools, there is a lack of a practical comprehensive design framework that empowers designers to integrate effectively UX in the SD lifecycle. In this paper we propose a methodological framework called UXD-IS (User eXperience Design of Interactions and Services) that combines UX characterization and touchpoints analysis. The framework has been validated through a case study related to flooding crisis management. The investigations reveal that the framework is a powerful support tool during the first phases of the development of a new service or the improvement of an existing one. 


Keywords: User experience, Service design, Interactive service, Design framework, Touchpoints, User journey, Crisis management.


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