N. 38, Autumn 2018




Table of Contents

Focus section on:

Human Computer Interaction Perspectives on Industry 4.0




by Mario Aehnelt, Ralf Klamma, Viktoria Pammer-Schindler

pp. 5, download



Eija Kaasinen, Susanna Aromaa, Antti Väätänen, Ville Mäkelä, Jaakko Hakulinen, Tuuli Keskinen, Joona Elo, Sanni Siltanen, Ville Rauhala, Iina Aaltonen, Juho Hella, Petri Honkamaa, Mikael Leppä, Antti Niemelä, Juha Parviainen, Santeri Saarinen, Markku Turunen, Jouni Törnqvist, Juha ValtonenCharles Woodward 

Mobile Service Technician 4.0 – Knowledge-Sharing Solutions for Industrial Field Maintenance, pp. 6 - 27 ,  abstractdownload




Kadri-Liis Kusmin, Kairit Tammets, Tobias Ley

University-industry Interoperability Framework for Developing the Future Competences of Industry 4.0, pp.  28 - 45 abstractdownload




Frieder Loch, Saskia Böck, Birgit Vogel-Heuser

Teaching Styles of Virtual Training Systems for Industrial Applications – A Review of the Literature, pp. 46 - 63, abstractdownload




Nela Murauer, Nerina Pflanz

A full shift field study to evaluate user- and process-oriented aspects of smart glasses in automotive order picking processes, pp. 64 - 82,  abstractdownload




Focus section on:

Inquiring the way we inquire




by Ines Di Loreto and  Elena Parmiggiani

pp. 83 - 88, download



Guri Verne, Tone Bratteteig 

Inquiry when doing research and design: Wearing two hats, pp. 89 - 106,  abstractdownload




Hanne Cecilie Geirbo 

Knowing through relations. On the Epistemology and Methodology of Being a Reflexive Insider, pp. 107 - 123,  abstractdownload




Charles Hahn, Andrew Hoffman, Sarah Inman, Steve Slota, David Ribes 

Entangled inversions: Actor/analyst symmetry in the ethnography of infrastructure,  pp. 124 - 139,  abstractdownload




Matthieu Tixier, Charles Lenay, Gaëlle Garibaldi, Dominique Aubert 

Rethinking the Accessibility of Digital Content with Perceptual Supplementation System through the Lens of an Ethics of Care, pp. 140 - 154,  abstractdownload




Ines Di Loreto and Karine Lan 

Sense and Sensibility: Designing a museum exhibit with Visually Impaired People, pp. 155 - 183,  abstractdownload




Regular papers


Guiying Du, Auriol Degbelo, Christian Kray, Marco Painho

Gestural interaction with 3D objects shown on public displays: an elicitation study, pp. 184 - 202,  abstractdownload




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