Play&Go, an Urban Game Promoting Behaviour Change for Sustainable Mobility

Annapaola Marconi, Michela Ferron, Enrica Loria, Paolo Massa

pp. 24 - 45, download






Designing more sustainable cities is increasingly pressing, and mobility behaviour plays an important role in how much cities are socially, economically and environmentally sustainable. We report our experience in deploying the third edition of an urban game that exploits gamification for promoting a positive behavioural change of mobility habits. This edition of Play&Go ran for 6 months and involved 635 active players who tracked their trips on sustainable transportation means such as by bike, bus, train and walking trips. Players tracked 54293 trips in total, corresponding to 244.394 sustainable kilometres. We evaluated the user experience of Play&Go and its impact through questionnaires, interviews and game log analysis, and we report on players’ participation and engagement, reported behaviour change and impact of different gamification motivational elements.



Keywords:  Gamification, urban game, mobility, behaviour change, mobile app, personalization.



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