Augmented reality supported model for the use of local data in architectural design

Faruk Can Ünal, Yüksel Demir

pp.  50 - 74, download





This study presents a model that aims to enable better understanding of local site-specific data in the context of architectural design using augmented reality. It is developed by considering the necessities of local data in architectural design and the potentials of the location based augmented reality. The classification of the local data is provided with the use of a framework, and the structure of the model is based on researches on location based augmented reality applications. The operability of the model is described by an integrated workflow that is explained under the stages of data acquisition, data query and data display. Lastly, it is conceptually presented by use cases that are focus on the necessities of local data from the architectural perspective. By bringing the architect into more direct contact with the site, the model facilitates to understand local data in situ and supports the reasoning process to design 



Keywords: architectural design, augmented reality, local data



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