Proposal to Conceive Multimedia Systems from a Value Creation Perspective and a Collaborative Work Routes Approach

Carlos Alberto Peláez Ayala, Andrés Solano, Toni Granollers

pp.  8 - 28, download





Methodologies for the development of interactive multimedia systems traditionally apply the practices and lifecycles of user-centred design in conjunction with usability and accessibility practices guided by software engineering process models. This work contributes to the conception of multimedia systems through a new way of working using a set of work routes encouraging collaborative work. This new approach to conceive multimedia systems is centred on value creation and value-sensitive design, through a formal characterisation based on theoretical foundations. The results obtained from an evaluation of this definition, using a case study in an academic context, show that our scheme facilitates the conception and planning of factors such as the interactive multimedia experience and the responsible design of the solution.   



Keywords:  User-centered design, Multimedia system conception, collaborative work for multimedia system design



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