N. 53, Summer 2022






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Special issue on:

Gamification of the Learning Process




Davide Carneiro, Pilar Cáceres, Mariana Reimão Carvalho

p. 5 - 6, download




William Reyes Cabrera, Jesús Pinto Sosa, Ricardo Hernández-Dzib

The construction and validation of a Questionnaire of Gamification Skills in Teachers (QGST), pp. 7 - 26,  abstractdownload




Chinonye Leuna Obioha, Izak van Zyl

Gameful design for skills development for youths in urban marginalised communities, pp. 27 - 50,  abstract, download 




Eduardo Nunes, Bruno Gavaia, Rui Rodrigues, Luís Sampaio, Raquel Silva

Liber Domus:  Development of a Prototype RPG for 6th Grade Mathematics and Science Learning, pp. 51 - 69,  abstractdownload




Eva Mårell-Olsson

Teachers’ Perception of Gamification as a Teaching Design, pp. 70 - 100,  abstractdownload




Steven Tanimoto

Three Tiers of Gamification in a College Course on Problem Solving for Global Challenges, pp. 101 - 127,  abstractdownload




Pedro Beça, Mónica Aresta, Rita Santos, Ana Isabel Veloso, Gonçalo Gomes

Students as Game Creators. Easing the game construction process by using a toolkit to game design, pp. 128 - 143,  abstractdownload




Amuthageetha Nagarajan, Arkendu Sen

Can Bloom's Higher Order Thinking skills be achieved by Gamified Learning through Social Networking Site (SNS) like Facebook?, pp. 144 - 160,  abstractdownload




Stavros A. Nikou, Anastasios A. Economides, Andromachi Boikou

Business simulation games: impact on SOLO taxonomy learning outcomes, learning performance and teamwork competency, pp. 161 - 175,  abstractdownload




Carmen Llorente-Cejudo, Antonio Palacios Rodriguez, Victoria Fernàndez Scagliusi

Learning landscapes and educational Breakout for the development of digital skills of teachers in training, pp. 176 - 190,  abstractdownload




Fábio Silva, João Ramos, Cesar Analide

Applications of Virtual and Augmented Reality for Practical Application Learning with Gamification Elements, pp. 191 - 212,  abstractdownload




José Manuel Sáez-López, Esteban Vázquez-Cano, Javier Fombona, Eloy López-Meneses

Gamification and gaming proposals, teachers’ perceptions and practices in Primary Education, pp. 213 - 229,  abstractdownload




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