Participatory approaches to Learning Design: the gap between theory and practice

Donatella PersicoFlavio Manganello, Marcello Passarelli

pp. 96 - 108, download






The 4Cs framework, concerning self-regulated professional learning in knowledge intensive domains, is the lens through which participatory practices in learning design are investigated in this paper. The framework identifies four types of participatory behaviours: Consuming, Creating, Connecting and Contributing. A survey involving 117 Italian practicing teachers reveals that they regard all the 4Cs as important, but self-reported behaviours do not align with such beliefs. This misalignment is most significant for Connecting and Contributing behaviours (herein called altruistic behaviours). As for Consuming and Creating (individualistic behaviours), the former is rather scant while the latter is the most practiced, despite a wealth of research addressing the need to make Learning Designs reusable. Besides, the majority of the interviewees do not know the most well-known learning design tools produced by academic research. These data reveal limited impact of learning design research and indicate the way ahead for promoting teachers’ participatory practices.



Keywords: self-regulated professional learning, learning design, technology enhanced learning, teachers’ beliefs, teachers’ behaviours, 4Cs framework


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