Ownership of learning in monitoring technology

Eva Durall, Marjo Virnes, Teemu Leinonen, Begoña Gros

pp. 133 - 154, download






Psychological ownership has been connected to agency, engagement and control. In technology-enhanced learning, this means that the technology design aids learners to get involved, make choices and feel responsible for their learning. In this paper we present a design case in which we explore how self-monitoring tools might support ownership of learning from two perspectives: from the technology design and from the learners’ experiences when using a prototype that uses self-monitoring technology. We describe the design process of a prototype that incorporates self-monitoring of physiological data and analyze the results of the tests conducted with the version 2.0 of the prototype in order to assess to what extent the prototype supports different dimensions of self-regulated learning. Based on the research results, we claim that ownership should be regarded as a process that can be fostered through participatory design approaches and by supporting reflection when using the tools. 



Keywords: ownership, technology-enhanced learning, Participatory design, self-regulated learning

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