Designing personalised learning support for K12 education

Kamakshi Rajagopal, Rani Van Schoors, Stefanie Vanbecelaere, Lien de Bie, Fien Depaepe

pp. 155 - 176, download






Digital personalised learning is on the agenda in national educational policy programmes across the world. In Flanders, (Belgium), it is the central goal of the i-Learn programme. One of the educational challenges of this form of learning is to develop pupils with a sense of ownership over their learning. As part of the i-Learn programme, a user-friendly portal is being developed to give pupils and teachers in primary and secondary schools in Flanders access to tools supporting personalized learning. Using educational design research [1], this article presents the first iterative loop in the design of the i-Learn portal. This study gives insight into teacher perceptions on the design of a portal supporting personalised learning, the design conjectures of the i-Learn portal and an evaluation framework for the pilot phase on teacher and learner control, motivation and psychological ownership.



Keywords: personalized learning, educational design research, design conjectures 

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