Remote contextmapping and prototyping during lockdown, a study case.

Wies van Nifterik, Froukje Sleeswijk Visser, Jeroen van Erp

pp.  7 - 26, download






In co-design, solutions are generated to serve people’s needs, short term and/or long term, through their involvement in parts of the design process. Methods like contextmapping and explorative prototyping serve these participatory processes. They help designers to step into the users’ shoes, to explore design solutions from and with their perspectives. In circumstances where contact with users is restricted, such as the recent lockdowns, user involvement is hindered and we need to find alternative ways to proceed with involving users in design processes. Instead of focussing on what is impossible because of the restrictions, we focussed on the opportunities it can bring. This paper shows that co-design is possible in times of a lockdown by deploying users in the role of co-explorer, creating ownership among users, using digital means, and obtaining an opportunity-oriented mindset.



Keywords: Contextmapping, Prototyping, Remote, Human-Centred design, Pandemic, Co-design


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