Alessandra Agostini


is Associate Professor at the DISCo Department of the University of Milano-Bicocca. Her main research interests are: ubiquitous and context-aware computing, cooperative learning, adaptive workflow management systems, communityware, and CSCW. She has taken part in various EU funded research projects on themes related to her research interests (e.g., MILK, COMIC); in particular, she has been project manager of the Esprit LTR Campiello project in which ubiquitous technologies have been experimented in supporting the cultural exchange among the community of people living in art cities and visitors. In Italy, Campiello has involved the local community of a sestiere and a secondary school in Venice. She has been involved in the Italian project WEB-MINDS which aims to design and develop a platform for ubiquitous remote access and service customization. Her group focused on integrated management of profile and preferences for context-aware services. Her main interest was on capturing complex context attributes related to users (e.g., user’s activity). At present, she is involved in designing and experimenting in Italian schools pervasive and adaptive systems supporting participative and cooperative learning in classrooms. The systems aim to support diversified interaction technologies (e.g., large multi-touch screens, pads, paper).


last update: December 2012


Articles published on IXD&A:

Large multitouch screens to enhance collaboration in the classroom of the 21st century: an Italian experiment, pp. 40-56 abstract, download