Albert Dietrich


is Professor of Psychology at University of Graz (UniGraz), Senior Scientist at Graz University of Technology, Knowledge Management Institute (TUG-KMI), and Key Researcher at the Know-Center (Graz). At UniGraz, Department of Psychology, he is the head of the Cognitive Science Section (CSS) since 1993. In the preceding years he served on the faculties of the Universities of Göttingen, Marburg, Heidelberg, and in 2001/02 Hiroshima. His research topics cover several areas, including learning and memory, psychometrics, anxiety and performance, psychological decision theory, computer based tutorial systems, values and behaviour. D. Albert's actual focus in R&D is on knowledge and competence structures, their applications, and empirical research. By working with psychologists, computer scientists, and mathematicians several academic disciplines are represented within his research team. Beside national activities, his expertise in European R&D projects is documented by several projects since FP5.
Currently he is also the Chair of the Board of Trustees of the Institute for Psychology Information (ZPID), Germany, and a member of several scientific advisory boards.


Last update: December 2012


Articles published on IXD&A:

'Reponsive and Open Learning Environments (ROLE): Requirements, Evaluation and Reflection', 87-101 abstract, download