Alina Krischkowsky


is a Research Fellow at the Center for Human-Computer Interaction (University of Salzburg) since 2011. She holds a Master’s Degree in Sociology (2010) from the University of Salzburg. In her PhD dissertation, she focuses on social roles as an analytical tool to investigate, understand, and conceptualize offline and online collaborative processes in various contexts, thereby addressing the offline/online binary. In particular, she is interested in informing online collaboration with knowledge from offline social roles to seamlessly integrate online collaboration into offline practices. Furthermore, she is involved in various projects in the area of Active and Assisted Living. 



Last update: April 2018


Articles published on IXD&A:


Exploring User Requirements for Online Cooperation through Social Capital Theory, N.34, 2017, pp. 187-206, abstractdownload


Mediating Informal Care Online: Findings from an Extensive Requirements Analysis, pp. 33 - 48, abstractdownload