Antoine Fischbach


is an Associate Professor in Educational and Psychological Measurement at the University of Luxembourg. Since March 2016, AF holds the position of Head of the Luxembourg Centre for Educational Testing (LUCET;—a 40-person interdisciplinary research and transfer structure—which he co-created and executively managed from 2012 to 2015. As Head of LUCET, AF is the PI on most of the centre’s commissioned and original research projects. LUCET’s most prominent research undertaking is the implementation, enhancement and assurance of the Luxembourg school monitoring programme (, which aims at facilitating evidence-based decision making in national education. Closely related to the latter is the setup of a unique longitudinal database—panels are entire cohorts—about the evolution of students’ competency profiles and their educational pathways. Additional mission-oriented research projects comprehend national analyses and reporting of international large-scale studies (e.g., PISA), (large-scale) cognitive and language testing, university admissions testing and student course evaluations. Given that many of the aforementioned—partially high-stakes—assessments are completely computer and web based—using LUCET’s in-house online assessment system OASYS—AF could build up solid expertise in managing ambitious and complex technology-rich research endeavours.


last update: November 2019



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Experience matters: Bridging the gap between experience- and functionality-driven design in technology-enhanced learning, N.42, 2019, pp. 11 - 28,  abstractdownload