Antonia Lina Krummheuer

is sociologist and received her Doctoral degree in 2008 at Klagenfurt University in Austria. Currently she is associate professor in Qualitative Methods and Technology Studies at Aalborg University in Denmark. Her research interest focuses on the analysis of social and embodied interaction in health care settings and the use and design of (interactive) technologies in and for interaction. Her work contributes to understanding concepts of agency, care and participation in interaction with people with special needs. Here she initiated two research networks to gather knowledge of participation and competences in interaction with young adults and adults with communicative and cognitive impairments. She is also interested in the redefinition of human-computer and human-robot interaction from a interactional and sociological perspective and is co-applicant of the project “Build your own robot” a co-creational project in which we design individual reminder and guiding robots for and with people with brain injury. She has published over 25 publications on these topics. 


last update: July 2019

Articles published on IXD&A: 


The chance for sociability - An institutional corridor as a place for learning for adolescents with brain injury, N.39, pp. 78 - 95,  abstractdownload