Camilla Gyldendahl Jensen


has a PhD in Reflective practice-based learning (RPL) and a Master of Science in Architecture and Design. She has been employed at the University of Northern Denmark (UCN) as an associate professor in the Architectural Technology and Construction Management department for 15 years. Her research fields in the Institutional Research program on Reflective Practice-based Learning cover learning theory, design theory, game-based learning, and game theory. She is currently a postdoc at UCN, where she studies the development of digital learning designs based on Experiential Collaborative Learning (ECL) and Reflective practice-based learning (RPL). Recently she has been an external lecturer at Århus University, where she researched the project of VASE (Teaching Value-Sensitive Design in Higher Education) and teaching activities in Game theory.



last update: March 2022

Articles published on IXD&A: 


• 'Teaching for Values in Interaction Design: A Discussion About Assessment', N. 52, pp. 221 - 233,  abstractdownload (