Charles Lenay


Full Professor of Philosophy and Cognitive Science at UTC, was Director of Costech Laboratory (Knowledge, Organisation and Technical Systems) at UTC. After serving as Vice-President of the French Association for Cognitive Research (ARCo), he created in 1995 the Perceptive Supplementation Group (GSP) in the framework of this laboratory. His research interests concern the question of cognitive technologies: how tools and technical devices participate in cognitive activity in the broad sense – perceiving, reasoning, memorizing, interacting. For this he created a minimalist experimental paradigm allowing a dialogue between cognitive psychology and phenomenology. At the same time, he has developed a series of perceptual substitution devices for blind people: tactile access to digital environments (Tactos, Intertact, Dialtact).He has directed 11 theses, published nearly 200 articles, books and lectures, and filed 3 patents.


last update: July 2019


Articles published on IXD&A: 

'Rethinking the Accessibility of Digital Content with Perceptual Supplementation System through the Lens of an Ethics of Care', N. 38, 2018, pp. 140 - 154, abstractdownload