Charlotte Lærke Weitze


has a PhD in IT and Learning Design, a M.SC. from the IT University of Copenhagen in Digital design and communication and before that a background as classically trained pianist from the Royal Danish Conservatory of Music. She is currently working as assistant professor in the Department of Learning and Philosophy at the IT and Learning Design Lab, Aalborg University, Campus Copenhagen, Denmark. She is interested in design of learning games—both professional design of learning games, as well as learners’ design of games as a way to become subject experts. In addition, she is interested in methods for competence development of teachers when they need to be innovative in respect to the use of IT in teaching. She is also interested in the development and measurement of students’ and teachers’ motivation and engagement in learning situations. 


Last update: September 2016


Articles published on IXD&A:


Designing for Learning and Play - The Smiley Model as a Framework, N.29, 2016, pp. 52 - 75, abstractdownload