Dan Iordachescu


Doctor of Education (2012) from “Ion Creanga Pedagogical State University, Moldova, with a thesis on teachers’ educational autonomy competence, currently teaches Pedagogy, Class Management, Curriculum Theory and Practice at the Faculty of Law and Social Sciences. His interests include pre-service and in-service teacher education and the subtler psychosocial dimension of continuing professional development of teachers. He has been recently involved in the study of intercultural stereotypes reflected in education. He has authored 1 book, more than 25 articles and book chapters. Among the projects he has been involved in, mention should be made of MAJMIN: Major competencies to manage minor offenders, No: 517580-LLP-1-2011-1-RO-LEONARDO-LMP and the CNCS-UEFISCDI project Universals and variants of English and Romanian business metaphors. A corpus-based conceptual mapping of contemporary journalese, UVaBuMet, Code: PN-II-RU-TE-2014-4-2785. Other projects involved teacher training activities (programme designer, teacher trainer, materials writer, etc.). He has ben involved in Erasmus teaching assignments to the Université de Picardie JULES VERNE - Amiens, France (former Socrates Programme), Lodz University, Poland, Stanislaw Staszic University of Applied Sciences in PI‚a, Poland, Universidad Distrital ”Francisco Jose de Caldas” Bogota. He is also active in coordinating pre-service teacher training practice, as well as in counselling students for continuous professional development.



Articles published on IXD&A:


Smart Testing Environment for the Evaluation of Students’ Attention, N.32, 2017, pp. 205 - 217, abstractdownload