Davide Leone


is an architect and a PhD in Urban and Regional planning. He was a Research Fellow in the Universities of Palermo and Roma 3. His main interests are directed to social issues of the city with particular reference to the multi-ethnic dimension and to the city representation tools, that are intended as communication protocols for non-traditional urban planning processes. Nowadays he works with CLACassociation, struggling to improve the cultural framework of Palermo. This collaboration has been consolidated in many years and gave the opportunity to explore a new and interactive mode of narration of the region through the collection and geolocation of memories. This method has been tested within the project “Mare Memoria Viva”. The new projects in which Davide Leone is involved are: U’Game, a project about the intersections between the cities and the need of people to play especially issuing heritage and cities as a playground and Zisa CreZi_Plus,a creativity booster to test new paradigm of creative city. Particularly this last project, made in collaboration between CLACand ARCA consortium, modifies the idea of business incubators, opening them to the city to realize a strength and durable connection between places, people and entrepreneurs.




last update: October 2019

Articles published on IXD&A: 


• U’Game – a toolkit for urban gaming, N. 40, pp. 57 - 68,  abstractdownload