Davidson Cury


Graduated in civil engineering from Federal University of Rio de Janeiro  (1971), M.Sc. in informatics from the Pontifical Catholic University of Rio de Janeiro (1986), PhD in electronic and computer engineering from Aeronautical Technological Institute (1996) and post-doctorate from FACED – UGRGS (2013). Currently Full Professor at Federal University of Espírito Santo. Has experience in Computer Science, with an emphasis on Information Systems, working mainly on the following topics: software engineering, human-computer interface design, intelligent agents, learning environments, computing in education.



Last update: March 2022


Articles published on IXD&A:


• 'A framework for designing applications to support knowledge construction on learning ecosystems', pp. 158 - 178,  abstractdownload (https://doi.org/10.55612/s-5002-052-009)