Enrico Gandolfi


Ph.D., is an assistant professor of Educational Technology at Kent State University with the Research Center for Educational Technology. His research interests include games and simulations for learning, augmented and virtual reality, accessibility and critical design in education, and online communities of inquiry. He is author of several peer-reviewed articles (for academic journals like New Media and Society, British Journal of Educational Technology, Technology in Society, Journal of Gaming & Virtual Worlds, Convergence, Games and Culture, Simulation and Gaming, E-learning and Digital Media, Information Visualization, Feminist Media Studies, International Journal of Information and Learning Technology) and book chapters (for publishers like Routledge, MIT Press, ETC Press) about these topics, and of the monographs Piloti di Console (Edizioni Paoline, 2011), Nerd Generation (Mimesis, 2014) and Independent Videogames (Unicopli, 2015). He has been co-PI and key personnel for several grants awarded by the National Science Foundation, the GAR Foundation, and the National Endowment for Humanities.



Last update: March 2022


Articles published on IXD&A:


•  'An analysis of motivation and situational interest in a location-based augmented reality application', N. 52, pp. 198 - 220,  abstractdownload (https://doi.org/10.55612/s-5002-052-011)