Erik Duval


chairs the research unit on human-computer interaction at the Computer Science Department of KU Leuven, the University of Leuven, Belgium. His research focuses on learning analytics, information visualisation, openness and abundance - topics on which he regularly keynotes.
Erik is a member of the executive committee in the Society for Learning Analytics Research (SoLAR), a fellow of the AACE, a member of ACM and the IEEE computer society, a member of the informatics section of the Academia Europeae. He serves on the Editorial Review Board and the Executive Advisory Board of the International Journal on E-Learning, on the Editorial Board of the IEEE Transactions on Learning Technologies (TLT), and on the board of editors of the Journal of Universal Computer Science.
Erik co-founded two spin-offs that apply research results for access to music and scientific output, as well as the not-for-profit ARIADNE Foundation that promotes share and reuse of learning material.

past away on March 2016

Articles published on IXD&A:

'EMuRgency: Addressing cardiac arrest with socio-technical innovation in a smart learning region', N. 17, 2013, pp. 77-91, abstract