Estela Dauksiene


is a researcher and project manager from Kaunas, Lithuania, working at Vytautas Magnus University for more than 10 years. Her research focus on technology enhanced learning, innovations and virtual mobility, which was also the focus of her doctoral dissertation.Estela has participated in several virtual mobility projects, lead by the university, implementing research, organizing virtual mobility and teaching virtual mobility courses. Having experience in the field she also teaches students on technology application at education and provides consultations for teachers on virtual mobility curriculum design and organization.Estela is also the President of Lithuanian Association of Distance and e-Learning (LieDM) which unites 47 Lithuanian institutions that implement online learning, organize joint events, and share their experiences in the field of technology enhanced learning.



last update: February 2017

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The Use of Information Communication Technologies for Staff Continuous Professional Development in Organizations. The case study, N. 31, pp. 74 - 85, abstractdownload