Eva Durall


is a post-doctoral researcher in the GenZ project, at the INTERACT research unit at the University of Oulu. In her work, she explores the relations between learning and technology. She is interested in the design of environments that support learners’ agency and critical engagement. To this aim, she has adopted an interdisciplinary approach that builds on science and technology studies, collaborative and constructive design, media studies, as well as on learning and education. She builds on participatory design methods to foster discussion and dialogue with stakeholders throughout the research and design process. Ensuring the process includes diversity of actors and approaches is a central concern in her design and research work towards equitable tools and systems.Throughout her career, she has participated in several research and innovation projects dealing with the use of ICT in higher and Primary Education, as well as in informal and non-formal learning. She has also coordinated international reports on technology forecasts in learning and education, as well as co-design processes in learning design.



Last update: February 2022


Articles published on IXD&A:


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