Helvi Itenge



is an Instructional Technology Designer at NUST in Namibia and a PhD candidate at Queensland University of Technology (QUT) in Australia. Her research focuses on exploring and co-designing emerging technologies to enhance the reading experience of primary learners in Namibia. Through collective research, Helvi worked with young learners from Primary Schools. She ventured in co-facilitating online and in-person workshops. The collaboration with learners, entails exploring emerging technologies, redesigned the reading space, and co-designed reading technology tools. A multitude of technology tools have been created by using co-designing as a development and ideation approach.



Last update: March 2022


Articles published on IXD&A:


•  'Creating Smart Connected Learning Ecosystems: A Hybrid Model for Design-Based Learning', N. 52, pp. 81 - 100, abstractdownload (https://doi.org/10.55612/s-5002-052-005)