Hendrik Knoche

is an Associate Professor at the University of Aalborg (Denmark) in the Department of Architecture, Design and Media Technology. He obtained a Diploma/master (U of Hamburg) and PhD (University College London) both in computer science. Before joining AAU he worked as a post-doc at the Media and Design Laboratory at EPFL in Switzerland. He has worked on interaction design and user experience both on desktop and mobile devices for more than ten years in industry and academia in various domains including games, mobile social networking, automated content adaptation, and perceived video and aesthetic quality. His current research focuses on how to motivate, empower, and educate patients in rehabilitation contexts especially in the home. He is interested in adaptive interfaces that model multi-modal usage and user data including e.g. physiological data and eye-tracking to this end. His larger research interests include human-centered design, mediated experiences, and ICT for inclusion and development along with methods for prototyping and evaluating applications and their user experiences in real life contexts


last update: July 2019

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