Ig I. Bittencourt


is a Professor of the Computing Institute in Federal University of Alagoas, Co-Director of the Center of Excellence for Social Technologies (NEES), president of the Special Committee of Computers and Education from Brazilian Computer Society and W3C Advisory Committee Representative (working on standardization efforts about Data on the Web). He received his PhD in Computer Science in 2009 and his Postdoctoral degree in Computer Science in 2013. When Ig Bittencourt became a Professor at Federal University of Alagoas (UFAL) – Brazil, he founded NEES with the mission of create innovative leaders with social vision/principles. He believes in innovative social entrepreneurship as a model for promoting a sustainable economic and social development. Ig Bittencourt also founded two awarded startups: one in the context of Computers and Education (MeuTutor) and another in the context of Semantic Technologies (BoaMoradia). His main interests are research, development and innovation in Computers and Education, Ontologies and Social Entrepreneurship.


Last update: September 2016


Articles published on IXD&A:

Step Towards a Model to Bridge the Gap between Personality Traits and Collaborative Learning Roles, N.28, pp. 124 - 144, abstractdownload