Jay Buzhardt


is an Associate Research Professor at the University of Kansas and a principal investigator at the Juniper Gardens Children's Project (JGCP). His research program focuses on investigating factors that impact the implementation, usability and effectiveness of technology-supported evidence-based practices, assessment, and training. Through locally and federally-funded projects (e.g., NIH, OSEP, IES), his work in this area targets parents, teachers, and service providers who struggle to provide or access evidence-based practices for children with disabilities due to limited training, geographic remoteness, or lack of local expertise. Examples of his work include Individual Growth and Development Indicators (IGDIs) for Infants and Toddlers, the OASIS system to train parents of children with autism in the use of Applied Behavioral Analysis, and the Distance Mentorship Program to support distance coaching and TA for educators teaching students with deaf-blindness in inclusive classrooms.


Last update: September 2016


Articles published on IXD&A:

Mobile technology to increase parent engagement, N.28, pp. 49 - 68, abstractdownload