José Tiberio Hernández


is currently professor in Systems & Computing Engineering at Engineering School of the University of Los Andes (Bogota) and director of the University of Los Andes (Bogota) and director of the IMAGINE visual computing R&D+i team.  His research interests are focused on visual computing applications in Human Brain Data and Urban Systems. He is co-author of many scientific papers in visual computing and engineering education. He is involved in different projects with industrial partners, and in innovation in engineering. He is at the origin of international scientific collaborative projects of the engineering school and the visual computing team (IMAGINE). He is former Dean of the Engineering School at University of Los Andes (1997-2005). He received his Ph.D. in 1983 in Computing Engineering (ENSTA-Paris). He obtained the Computing Engineering degree and the MSc from UniAndes-Bogotá in 1979.




last update: October 2019

Articles published on IXD&A: 


• ARspace: Augmented Reality and Visual Analytics for Improving and Monitoring the Quality of Public Space - Case: Las Nieves Neighborhood in Bogota, Colombia, N. 40, pp. 69 - 83,  abstractdownload