Linda CastaƱeda


holds a Ph.D. in educational technology and is an Associate Professor in educational technology at the Faculty of Education of the University of Murcia, in Spain. Thanks to her educational background in education, she has a strong interest in making EdTech research more educational. A participant in national and international research projects on the implementation and impact of technology in both formal and non-formal learning contexts, Linda has closely collaborated with different research institutions in Europe and abroad, and continues to work with institutional initiatives as an advisor. Dr. Castañeda has been a Visiting Scholar at KMi at OU, GSE of UCBerkeley, among others. She is an editorial board member of various international academic journals, has published papers and book chapters in both Spanish and English, and is a member of the Association EDUTEC, NOVADORS, and the PLEConf Community. Linda’s current research portfolio includes critical perspectives on educational technology, competencies for the digital era (definition, development and assessment), strategical approaches to teachers’ professional development, socio-material perspectives of emergent pedagogies, and Personal Learning Environments.



Last update: September 2020


Articles published on IXD&A:


• Resources and Opportunities for Agency in PLE-Related Pedagogical Designs, N. 45, pp. 50 - 68, abstractdownload