Magnus Haake


is Associate Professor at Lund University Cognitive Science. Haake, whose expertise lies in the intersection of design sciences, cognitive sciences, graphic design and engineering, is deputy director of the research group Educational Technology Group ( The research and development carried out by the group has two purposes: (1) exploiting educational software as research instruments to explore learning and instruction, and (2) developing educational software with a real-world value. The two purposes are intertwined. The educational software is developed on the basis of empirical knowledge about human cognition. Evaluations and real-world use of the pedagogical software produces new insights and knowledge – which is then also fed back into the software as it is redesigned. One of the group’s lines of research during the past years has been how to support preschoolers as well as preschool teachers in the domain of early math.



last update: May 2020


Articles published on IXD&A:


• Early Math in a Preschool Context: Spontaneous Extension of the Digital into the Physical, N. 44, pp. 129 - 154, abstractdownload


• Young Children’s Experience and Preference of Feedback – Sense and Sensibility, N.37, 2018, pp. 206 - 230,  abstractdownload