Mahdis Ali Asgari


is interested in how the built/designed world can influence the way people engage with each other. This can be from a micro scale of product design to macro scale of urban planning. In 2015 she has joined Lighting Design Collective Madrid as a lighting designer and design researcher where and has been involved in several research-based interactive lighting design projects. She started studying architecture in Tehran, Iran and gained her master at Azad University in Tehran. She continued her studies on lighting design and graduated from KTH, Sweden with a master in lighting design in 2013.  Mahdis has also worked as a research assistant at The Interactive Institute of Sweden in Stockholm, where she explored Design Anthropology, Participatory Design and Social Innovation, which had a vital influence in her research area. 



Articles published on IXD&A:


Baby Steps or Stage Dive into a Critical Design Dialogue, N.32, 2017, pp. 38-47, abstractdownload