Myriam Durocher


is a doctoral candidate in Communication at Université de Montréal (UdeM). Her current research interests are situated at the intersection of media, critical food and cultural studies. More specifically, she is concerned by the power/knowledge relations that currently cross the production and circulation of knowledge about food, nutrition and “healthy” eating habits in the context of a society characterised by an increasing media presence. Her thesis project aims to observe the development of a biomedicalized food culture and the body(ies) and normativities it participates in creating. She is also a research assistant for the international research group Ageing+Communication+Technologies (ACT) based in Concordia. Her research work within the group critically investigates issues and injunctions related to “successful ageing” and “active ageing” normativities. 



Last update: November 2018


Articles published on IXD&A:


A food blog created by and for elders: a political gesture informed by the normative injunctions to eat and age well, N. 36, pp. 75 - 92,  abstractdownload