Paola Forcheri

was research director at IMATI-CNR, where she was working since 1976. Her research interests have covered different themes such as teaching and learning models and methods based on multimedia and networking technology, automated reasoning applied to proof theory. Application fields of the work are mathematics and informatics education and continuous training. She had authored numerous papers at national and international level, registered several trade-marks, edited special issues of journals and conference proceedings, was involved in national and international projects.
She taught Multimedia in education at the Scuola di specializzazione Insegnamento superiore (SSIS) of the University of Genoa.
She died at the end of 2010.

Articles published on IXD&A:

'Ubiquitous Learning Perspectives in a Learning Management System', pp. 37-48, N.9-10, 2010, abstract, download

'DIEL Demo', N. 7-8, 2009, pp. 97-98, abstract