Alessandro Soro


specialises in researching, designing and evaluating novel interactive technologies with special attention to under-served communities of users. In recent work  Dr Soro has collaborated with older adults to create technologies to foster engagement and reciprocity in family relations. He has pioneered research on the Social Internet of Things, that seeks to create smart objects, spaces, and environments that foster social engagement and wellbeing for people of all ages. He also researches socialised uses of Augmented Reality to enable new forms of collaborative creativity for everyday users. Dr Soro is also active in research in collaboration in Australian Indigenous communities to create technologies to support culture and language, as well as to devise effective co-design methods that are sensitive to cultural specificity.


last update: August 2021



Articles published on IXD&A:


Enhancing Urban Conversation for Smarter Cities – Augmented Reality as an enabler of digital civic participation, N.48, 2021, pp. 75 - 99,  abstractdownload