Antonio Opromolla


is teacher of 'Semiotics and Visual Communication' and co-teacher of 'Interaction Design' at Link Campus University. He acquired the title of Academic Research Doctor in 'Interaction Design'at ISIA Roma Design and graduated in 'Digital Communication' at Sapienza University Rome, where he worked as a research fellow. He is Scientific Delegate of the Research Department of Link Campus University for research projects and publication in the Digital Communication and New Technologies area, and he takes part in the DASIC research center (Digital Administration and Social Innovation Center) in the “Smart City and Social Innovation” unit of Link Campus University to European and national research projects on civic engagement and open government, applying the methodologies and tools of design thinking and urban interaction design. At Link Campus University he is also part of the Scientific Committee of the Osservatorio Proteo, which produces studies and research on the lifestyles of young people, and is the contact person of the School-Work Alternation activities for Communication activities. It also organizes events on the theme of cities and the application of new technologies in these contexts. He is also reviewer for some international scientific journals focused on civic engagement and human interaction design. He organizes and coordinates the 'Designing the User' session Experience of Urban Spaces 'for the Human-Computer Interaction scientific conference International 2019. Finally, he is an evaluator of European projects under the Horizon 2020 Framework Program



last update: October 2019

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Co-Designing Game Solutions for Hybrid Urban Spaces. How Game Elements Can Improve People Experience with the Mobility Services, N. 40, pp. 9 - 23,  abstractdownload