Carmen Santoro

is a researcher for the Human Interfaces in Information Systems Laboratory of CNR in Pisa (Italy). She graduated in Computer Science from the University of Pisa, and gained a Ph.D. in Computer Science from the University of Toulouse 1 (France) in 2004.
Her research interests include methods and tools for the analysis, design and development of interactive multimodal and multi-platform applications, and methods and tools for automatic support for usability evaluation. Over the last ten years she has mainly worked within European Projects (MEFISTO, GUITARE, CAMELEON, ADVISES, SIMILAR, MAUSE). She has published papers for international conferences and journals on Human-Computer Interaction, and she has been reviewer for international HCI journals. She was the Co-chair for CHI 2008 Workshops, as well as the Organizational Overviews Co-Chair of INTERACT 2005 Conference, and Workshop and Tutorial Chair of Mobile HCI 2002 Symposium. She was a member of the program committee of EIS 2008, INTERACT 2007, Tamodia 2007, EIS 2007, Mobile HCI 2007.
Her current positions include Program Committee Member for Interact 2009 Conference and Editorial board member of International Journal of Handheld Computing Research. She is also actively involved in two European Projects: OPEN (designing and developing migratory interactive applications) and SERVFACE (methods and tools for supporting the design of interactive applications based on Web Services).

last update: june 2009

Articles published on IXD&A:

'Model-based Design of Multi-Device Applications based on Web Services', N.5-6, 2009, pp. 17-22, abstract