Erkki Sutinen


is Professor of Computer Science (Interaction design) at the University of Turku since 2015.  He has been researching educational technology, Computing education, ICT4D, and co-design.   In 1999-2015, he was a professor at University of Eastern Finland (1999-2009 University of Joensuu) where he founded a research group in educational technology, hosting an online PhD program In 2010-12, he was the chief technical advisor of the 22 M€ STIFIMO science, technology and innovation program in Mozambique. He moved to Namibia in 2019 to set up the first overseas campus of University of Turku, located currently at the premises of University of Namibia, in its main campus in Windhoek. 



Last update: March 2022


Articles published on IXD&A:


•  'Creating Smart Connected Learning Ecosystems: A Hybrid Model for Design-Based Learning', N. 52, pp. 81 - 100, abstractdownload (