Flávio Serpa


architect, attended the University of Azores and ISCTE – Instituto Universitário de Lisboa from where he got is Master degree in Architecture in 2018. Still in Azores, he participated and won the competition Quiosque PopCraft with André Vieira. The project was built on eight islands in the Azores. Since 2018 Serpa worked in two architecture practitioner offices, in one he worked mainly in design projects for new construction and in the other in design projects for the rehabilitation of existing buildings and sites. Serpa master thesis focused the use of 3D modeling and simulation tools in architecture and he continues to learn 3D tools namely focusing on the use of BIM tools.



Last update: September 2020


Articles published on IXD&A:


• How non-designers understand the architecture design project: a comparative study using immersive virtual reality, N. 45, pp. 287 - 301, abstractdownload