Giorgio Prister


is President of Major Cities of Europe since 2008 ( . His mission is to ensure the continuous improvement of the value proposition and the reputation of this non profit organization of Cities by promoting the exchange of experiences about innovation in Cites driven by Information and Communication Technologies (ICT).
Before he has worked for 32 years for IBM in which he covered multiple professional and managerial positions in manufacturing, sales, marketing, market strategies and finance. In the last 10 years  he has been leading sales and marketing for Europe’s IBM Local Government Industry. In that role he has been driving the European IBM organization into promoting innovation and ICT  in the transformation of Public Administration.
Born in Rome, Giorgio Prister is graduated  in Electronics Engineering.


Last update: September 2014

Articles published on IXD&A:


FUPOL: an Integrated Approach to Participative Policies, pp. 48 - 60, abstract, download