Gregory O’Hare


completed his studies at the University of Ulster graduating with a B.Sc, M.Sc and Ph.D. He held the position of Head of the Department of Computer Science at University College Dublin (UCD) 2001-2004. Prior to joining UCD, he has been on the Faculty of the University of Central Lancashire (1984-86) and the University of Manchester (1986-1996).He is director of the Earth Institute and an Associate Professor within the School of Computer Science in UCD. He has published over 450 refereed publications in Journals and International Conferences, 7 books and has won significant grant income (ca €28.00M). O'Hare is an established researcher of international repute. His research interests are in the areas of Distributed Artificial Intelligence and Multi-Agent Systems (MAS), and Mobile & Ubiquitous Computing and Wireless Sensor Networks.


Last update: January 2016


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Citizen Science: A Learning Paradigm for the Smart City?, N. 27, 2016, pp. 44 - 65, abstractdownload